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Making Connections in 2022

by Tarin Bready, NYACCE Board Member

The NYACCE Conference, Making Connections, is this week!

Like all previous NYACCE conferences, next year’s is slated to be in person. That means this year’s conference is the only virtual conference for our organization. While we will miss meeting in person, we packed some perks into this year’s unique meetup.

The conference is one day only, and it is completely FREE for NYACCE members. In the past, there has been a charge for in person NYACCE conferences, but going virtual this year has kept the costs of running a conference low. A lot of volunteer hours went into making this free event a fun reality.

Friends of NYACCE can also join the conference for free this year. Do you know professionals or budding educators who are interested in adult education and literacy? You can share the NYACCE conference webpage link with them and invite them to connect with us on Thursday.

Yes, you will need a Zoom account to join the conference. If you are not already one of the millions of Zoom customers with an account, you can sign up for one for free. Join the digital party!

We chose Zoom Events as our platform. So, signing up to attend presentations is like choosing your own adventure! Maybe you want to join one of the five 9:30AM sessions, but you have a work meeting for the next time slot, and will need to hop out and then back in for a later session. Our conference committee assures you, we understand the need for flexibility in a work day. Also, once you choose a session, you are not locked in; you can visit the Zoom Events lobby to switch out choices as needed.

Speaking of choices, we encourage you to make the wise decision to join us for an hour for our Lunch and Learn. There will be prizes awarded for some special and engaged lunch attendees! Plus, you will get to learn about services offered by our main sponsors: Burlington English, DRC, GED, and Essential Education. Come hear about what’s new while munching on your lunch from the comfort of your home or office.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday, May 12 at the virtual NYACCE conference. Join us as we build skills together and continue to make connections for a brighter, more informed future.

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