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Learning is Forever, Now Make it for You

As adult education professionals, we eat, sleep and breathe the concept of learning. We strive to understand how our students learn; we preach the value of learning and we encourage our own children to pursue learning when they leave home.

We are mandated to undertake a minimum of 14 hours of learning through our Regional Adult Education Network. Yes, our learning is forever - but is it for you? How often do you grab the opportunity to focus your learning in a fun, highly interactive environment? How many chances do you get to leave the comfort of your classroom or office for a few days to immerse yourself in learning exactly what you want to learn professionally?

Where do you go to learn until you’re exhausted then pivot to total relaxation with great friends, food galore, music, dancing and time to hang-out till you fall into a super comfy bed with the TV remote all to yourself? Over 300 of my closest friends (i.e. other adult educators) and I seize the opportunity once each year.

Come join us this year for over 30 workshops, guest speakers, receptions and casual networking April 29 – May 1 at the 68th Annual NYACCE Conference at the Albany Marriott. Visit the 2019 Conference Page for registration information and more details.

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