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Literacy NY is hosting the second annual Stop Reading Challenge initiative, starting now and lasting through September, which is typically a month celebrating and publicizing adult and family literacy. This year, there will be onsite and online events to raise awareness about adult literacy.

Take the challenge at:


And if one of the events is in your area, please join in!  

September 12-23
Adult Education and
Family Literacy Week

Support Literacy!

Celebrate successes in the field!

Engage in activities that raise the visibility of our collective work in the field of adult education!

To help champion the cause, check out the COABE website.

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The Importance of
Adult Education and Family Literacy

Adult Education Course
Reading Time

Literacy is the key to lifelong success.

Join New York Association for Adult Continuing and Community Education (NYACCE) in support of New York State’s adult education programs serving life-long learners across

New York State.   

All across NYS adult education providers work to assist adults in building skills and earning credentials that lead to careers, sustainable employment and self-sufficiency for them

and their families.


Low-skilled adults are more likely to be unemployed, live in poverty, be in poor health, and be incarcerated. 

According to 2019 estimates there are 1,507,276 working age adults in the state lacking a high school diploma.  The recent impact of the pandemic has exacerbated the impact of poverty on low-skilled adults with the loss of economic opportunity and jobs in the hospitality and service industries.


Changes in the country’s immigration policies and the crisis in Afghanistan increases the need for more access to ESOL services for affected adults and their families as they assimilate to our country.  In 2019, an estimated 936,109 New Yorkers did not speak English well or at all. 

For New York’s children, parents are the first teacher.  Literacy is the key to lifelong success.  Children of parents who lack the literacy skills to help them fall behind their peers and are more likely to live in poverty, drop out of school and become incarcerated over their lifetime.  

You can help by being an Adult Education advocate.  Please check out the Coalition On Adult Basic Education (COABE) webpage for current ways to help promote and fund necessary programs.

COABE's Advocacy Webpage


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To learn more about the advocacy efforts going on around the country visit Coalition On Adult Basic Education at   

Are you involved in managing a

NYS Adult Education Program?

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Let's work together to ensure Adult Education Programs are funded and marketed properly.

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