Learning is Forever, Now Make it for You

By Kathleen Rinaldo, Director of Adult and Continuing Education, Madison-Oneida BOCES March 12, 2019 As adult education professionals, we eat, sleep and breathe the concept of learning. We strive to understand how our students learn; we preach the value of learning and we encourage our own children to pursue learning when they leave home. We are mandated to undertake a minimum of 14 hours of learning through our Regional Adult Education Network. Yes, our learning is forever - but is it for you? How often do you grab the opportunity to focus your learning in a fun, highly interactive environment? How many chances do you get to leave the comfort of your classroom or office for a few days to im

We are the Future of Adult Education in New York

By Elizabeth Hayter, Administrator, Adult Learning Institute at Dutchess BOCES April 12, 2019 Well I never prepared myself to write a blog. After all, back in the dark ages, when I went to school, blogs did not exist – but here I am!  I also never thought I would quote Bob Dylan, not one of my favorites, but the lyrics from this song set the tone for this blog! “As the present now will later be past the order is rapidly fadin' and the first one now will later be last for the times they are a-changin'.” "The Times They Are A-Changin'" was written in 1963, a time when I and many others were excited about the future and all the possibilities.  It was also a time when great changes were occurrin

Focus on Customer Experience to Increase Student Attendance

By Georgia D. Duskas, Ed. Supervisor of Adult & Continuing Education at the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES October 28, 2019 Focus on customer experience and you will witness an increase in attendance of literacy students.  As administrators, instructors and staff, we focus on education and performance measures and not on the student's experience.  The standard paradigm is that instructors must employ various strategies to increase reading skills or math skills, which will thereby increase various performance measures.  Behind the scenes are administrators, who shape the process, and staff, who set and keep the process in motion.  Admittedly, administrators, instructors and staff struggle with complex

Engaging Youth – For us it’s personal: A successful approach to HSE Diploma programs

By Amanda Vellake, Director of Adult Education, Buffalo Public Schools October 6, 2019 As the largest adult education program in Western New York, Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Division serves close to 6,500 students annually. Our reach is broad and our impact is significant. It’s rewarding to know how many lives we touch. Throughout the year, we hear many stories about our students’ success which reflect the hard work of our instructional and support staff and the perseverance of our students. Without a doubt, the work we do in our youth program, the Career Collegiate Institute (CCI), is particularly noteworthy. ​ One-on-one works The overall approach to serving students at CCI is


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